Top Weight Loss Programs for 2015
Last Updated: March 13, 2015
It's not a well hidden secret that we, as people alive in present time desire to appear our greatest. Our famous movie and musician idols all look so trim and thin, we can't help but desire their attractive looks. The fact and truth of the matter is, however, for the majority of us in today's world, is that when we see our appearance in the mirror, we just aren't happy. If only we were successful in losing some weight, or better put, fat, we could progress to a point of being content with our appearance.

So what exactly are the best ways to achieve these fat burning goals and the appearance we've always wanted? Well, let's compare three distinct weight-loss programs that are quite popular and found on the web today.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs

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"The #1 weight loss program for 2015..."

The Truth about Six Pack Abs, located on the web at, is a website weight loss program that contains quite a bit of valuable content about fat-burning and gaining great looking abs.

Its author and creator is Mike Geary, a man who himself claims to be someone of just 'average' DNA, who will gain weight quite quickly if he eats food like every other average American. He even is right up front that he isn't going to be the next fitness model on the front of any popular muscle-building magazine, but that he is aware of what is required for the average person to burn fat, loss weight, and appear their best.

The homepage of displays two informative videos which are all about how to lose belly fat and carve out a great looking and trim stomach. Both of these presentations are offered free of charge and there is one available for whichever gender, be it male or female. The visitor simply chooses his or her gender and gets a gender specific presentation on how to obtain a great looking stomach. Also, on the landing page to, one may receive a free e-Book with 27 secrets to metabolism-boosting, which will certainly aid in the reduction of one's belly fat.

In fact, there are quite a bit of articles that visitors may read in regards to reducing body fat percentage and developing abdominal muscles. The site also sells a package for $39.95. The main offering is the Truth about Six Pack Abs eBook. The package includes some free bonuses, including a DVD titled "The 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss". The visitor has only to pay $4.95 up front for processing, and is billed the remaining $35.00 in 21 days. All customers are offered a money back guarantee from for the package, if not satisfied within 60 days of purchase. The site also lists many testimonials of completely satisfied customers.

Rating 9.3/10

Weight Loss
Fast Results
Ease of Use

Highly Recommended

2. Fat Loss Factor

Fat Loss Factor, accessible from, simply delivers on what one needs in order to achieve success with reducing one's body fat percentage.

Started by Dr. Charles, a licensed chiropractor and wellness professional who has dedicated his life to assisting others to their achieve weight loss goals and attaining a slimmer build, Fat Loss Factor provides a large amount of well researched information in a format that is easy to navigate and even better, simple to understand and fun to read.

Dr. Charles has achieved success at authoring information that the reader will really want to study and read. The wealth of information that can be discovered and studied on the site, never comes across boring or overwhelming.

On the landing page of Fat Loss Factor, a very valuable and informative tip sheet in electronic format is offered to the visitor at no cost. There are internal links that direct the visitor to actual life stories of people who have achieved real weight loss results. In addition, stories authored in the past for Fat Loss Factor are all archived and easily accessed via a navigation panel on the right-hand side of the's home page.

All angles considered for the best overall perspective, a solid ranking of number two for Fat Loss Factor in this comparison review, for being a highly effective and informative weight loss portal.

Rating 8.7/10

Weight Loss
Fast Results
Ease of Use

Also Recommended

3. Turbulence Training

Our third pick for the web's best weight loss program is Turbulence Training, located at

Turbulence Training is brought to us by Craig Ballantyne, a men's and women's health writer, who has assembled a significant amount of information that can be viewed at The information includes documented case study about how repetitive, intense cardiovascular training is actually bad for you and offers their own methods by which to work out to achieve a great looking body fast.

How fast? In less than 90 minutes a week, the program follower will be able to develop muscle and burn a large amount of body fat. Utilizing the Turbulence Training method, the follower can begin to feel better in just minutes of implementing the workouts and can look significantly more sculpted within just weeks.

There are quite a few people who have had success with Turbulence Training, and their pictures and stories can be found on the site. Some of the pictures displayed on the site with just how fast they went from before to after, are simply amazing. The entire Turbulence Training package can be procured from the site for just $47.00 with a 100% money back guarantee, if one should purchase the program and were to end up unsatisfied.

With the long testimonial list of customers who have followed the Turbulence Training methods and the nominally low price of $47.00 for the training videos and some bonuses offered, like a healthy recipes book, one would do themselves well to look into this further. Unlike the other websites reviewed, which are great sites in their own right, obviously, with a wealth of information on how to lose weight and burn fat, Turbulence Training is more a set of training methods that you can follow by replicating movements that have been proven effective in their instructional videos.

Turbulence Training would prove a nice addition to one's toolkit of fat burning and muscle building items.

Which program is best for you? We recommend the Truth About Abs
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